The year's top 10

Broløkke ranked No. 3 Heritage Board. Read more at KUAS hjemmeside.


Langeland and the famous beaches

Langeland offers some of the best beaches in Denmark. On the nearby beach Ristinge, the "Blue Flag" guarantees the highest quality. Here is a broad sandy beach and clear water where the children can safely romp themselves.

Of other good beaches on Sydlangeland should be mentioned the beach not far from the port of Bagenkop.

Natural abundance

Ristinge cliff soars 20 feet above sea level. Here you have the most glorious views, and en route to the top, you pass a dolmen in the foliage. Other picturesque cliffs of Langeland are Dovns Cliff by Bagenkop. One of the island's most scenic vantage points, which  has a wildlife of especially birds out of the ordinary.

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