The year's top 10

Broløkke ranked No. 3 Heritage Board. Read more at KUAS hjemmeside.


The big catch

Fishing on Langeland has always had a reputation for being something special. Whichever way the wind is coming from, there's almost always a reef or a lone adornment into the water where there is an opportunity for a bite. Great!

Cutter Yachting
Langeland Belt and Great Belt are known for the very fine stock of cod as well as flatfish. The cods hangouts and flatfish agreed favorite spots on the sandy bottom is best known by the reputated local fishermen. Therefore, we often recommend boat fishing. Many of the boats have installed fish searches and other technical aids. You choose the severity of the challenge...

Coastal Fishing
Are you hoping to pull the big trout directly on land, the possibilities are great for coastalfishing. Since 1989, each year  400,000 trout is set into the waters around Langeland and Funen.

Lakes or seas
The island's coastline is over 200 km long, and you will always find a good fishing ground within a short driving distance.

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