The year's top 10

Broløkke ranked No. 3 Heritage Board. Read more at KUAS hjemmeside.


Hole in one

Would you like to swing golf clubs on vacation, Sydlangeland is the site. Here the sun shines more than in the rest of Denmark, and long waiting times is an unknown phenomenon.

Langeland Golf Course clings with its 18 picturesque holes harmoniously through scenic countryside. Past the woodland, open fields and the island's characteristic hat-shaped hills that provide a varied and challenging golf game in the hilly terrain.

Golf for all

Golf Rounds offers also the breathtaking views over Langelandsbæltet and a cozy look to Fred Marsh and Magleby Church.

In addition the club offers a Pay'n Play course of 6 holes - witch also allows those who have no official handicap, but would like to golf.

Herregården Broløkke|Hedevejen 33|DK-5932 Humble|Tel.+45 62 56 23 50 mon-fri btw. 9am and 4pm|| Share with a friend