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Broløkke ranked No. 3 Heritage Board. Read more at KUAS hjemmeside.


Any higher ..

Southeast Langeland is a paradise for hunting people. As long as anybody can remember, there have been hunting at Broløkke. Today we safeguard the manors proud hunting traditions. Depots and drives have been nurtured and developed over many years, so Broløkke also today offers optimum hunting experience for even the most discerning guns.

Broløkke also offers exclusive hunting stays in classic manorestate environment, with hunting dinners, salutes to challeging birds and accommodation in Sneppehuset where trophies hang close to eachother.

Quality shooting to high pheasants and ducks

Quality shooting to high, challenging birds and trophy hunting on primarily roebuck is Broløkkes trademark. The gruonds includes a total area of apx. 650 ha. Nature is gamefriendly with arable, hills, marsh and beach. You can espect to be challenged by the rare woodcock, fast ducks and high pheasants. Roe- and fallow- deer live naturally in large, healthy populations.

The shootings and stalking is powered by gamekeeper Ole Boysen, who more than  16 years has been responsible for game and nature conservation at Broløkke.

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