Tranquil Spa Experiences

In early 2025, you can enjoy the new manor spa.

Relax and reconnect

We nurture big ambitions with our spa and wellness department and have prepared an exciting spa concept in collaboration with some of the nation’s most talented architects and experts within the field.

With a spa stay at Broløkke Herregård, you can delve into a world of relaxation and wellbeing for body and soul.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city

Most of us rarely get a moment to ourselves. We are always trying to catch up with the pace of modern life and our worries keep piling up. At Broløkke Manor, we strive to create a true sanctuary for soul-soothing indulgence.

In our spa, you will enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax and let go of your worries. Here you can recommit yourself to your true needs in life.

Spa experiences with accommodation on Langeland

Should you wish to extend your visit to enjoy complete relaxation, you can combine your spa experience with an overnight stay. This will allow you to enjoy a full day of spa indulgence before drifting off into deep sleep in one of our beautiful guestrooms.

Broløkke Herregård’s unique location on the island of Langeland will enable you to escape from everyday worries and wake up to a newfound sense of peace.

Reconnect with someone special with a spa-day for two

Our busy everyday lives often make it difficult to fully nurture our relationship. Often there is no time for a loving twosome where you indulge in the moment. At Broløkke Herregård, we seek to restore this connection of true romance.

With a spa stay for two, you can celebrate your relationship and reconnect with the true values of life. The magnificent manor is the perfect setting for romance in unfamiliar surroundings. You can head out on a picnic in the scenic landscape, indulge in a spa treatment and conclude with a glass of champagne under the stars.

Manor spa in 2025

The construction of the spa and wellness facility represents the last phase of the renovation of Broløkke Herregård. The spa will be housed in a new, purpose-designed building.

Spa ophold på herregård
Spa ophold på herregård