Beer and spirits

Broløkke’s own brewery and distillery

By geeks, for geeks

Broløkke Herregård Bryggeri & Distilleri is headed by a group of extremely dedicated people, all of whom are self-confessed beer geeks. Here we geek out with beer and spirits and seek to add something entirely unique to our products.

Vores Destilleri

From Broløkke’s distillery you can enjoy:

Shores Brændevin
Aau De Vie

We believe that with our spirits you can taste the history and tranquillity of the island of Langeland. When distilling, we do so with a passion for good, old-fashioned craftsmanship.

At the reception you can get a small taste test before you buy!

Our brewery

Our beer is brewed with carefully selected ingredients. Broløkke’s own base malt is used in all our beer types, and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting hop varieties.

We believe that good beer starts with fresh yeast, which is why we commence from scratch by cultivating our own yeast a week before brewing.

Here on Langeland, we invest the time it takes to brew with calm and passion for the craft.