The Manor’s Beautiful Guestrooms

A guaranteed heritage experience

Manor guestrooms

The old manor is heritage-listed and delicately renovated over a lengthy period. Time will stand still in the old manor salons as you enter through the front door. Here you will sense the activities in the cellar kitchen, which was originally used by the Manor Household. Spending the night in one of the old guestrooms on the upper floor lets you slow to the pace of old-world grace.

The rooms offer WiFi.

Luxury guestrooms in the annexes

All rooms in the manor annexes have recently been extensively renovated to exude a sense of luxury. They are furnished with Danish design that gracefully complements the atmosphere of the historic manor.

The guestrooms offer WiFi.

Luxury holiday apartments

Experience Broløkke’s newly renovated holiday apartments. Here you can enjoy a modern manor experience dedicated to quality.