Enjoy a lunch or a wonderful dinner at the manor

Welcome to the Bistro at Broløkke Herregård

From Friday to Sunday, you can enjoy a delicious meal consisting of fresh local produce from the islands of Funen and Langeland. Together with an exquisite glass of wine, a beer from Broløkke’s own brewery or a soda, you can enjoy the scenic surroundings of Langeland from the garden terrace.

Welcome to Kostaldens Bistro!

Opening hours

Friday: 16:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00

The bistro may be closed due to a private event

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What the Bistro serves

The menu will be expanded in May with a couple of great salads, a delicious steak tartare préparé and perhaps a grilled steak. In June, the menu will feature a couple of evening dishes in addition to delicious all-day choices.

Seafood lunch

Throughout the day, the menu offers a selection of luxury preserved fish by Havsmag, Grøndals, Fangst and prime producers in Spain and Portugal.

Guests select one or more seafood tins from the market trolley. You will also be served a plate with grilled bread, delicious horseradish mayo, fresh and grilled lemon and a small salad.

The tins are available in 3 price ranges, which is why we have listed 3 different prices for the lunch plate.

DKK 125

DKK 135

DKK 145

Nordic charcuterie

A selection of exquisite Nordic charcuterie from Nørre Søby Slagteren is served with the kitchen’s delicious dip, tapenade and pickled delights.

The selection includes air-dried ham, smoked sausage, rillettes and pâtés.

The selection of the day is listed in the Bistro.

Charcuterie is served as a sharing platter along with a delicious selection of bread.

The servings are perfect for the terrace and can be enjoyed with a tapped beer from Broløkke Bryggeri.

DKK 165


A cheese platter with 5 delicious cheeses primarily from Denmark.

The 5 cheeses are served for sharing accompanied by chutneys and pickled and crisp delicacies.

DKK 135

Cake or savoury snack

You will also be offered a choice of cakes with your coffee or savoury snacks with your cold beer.

The choices of the day are listed on the blackboard.

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The Bistro is located in Kostalden, which is a newly-renovated barn where you also find our brewery, Broløkke Bryggeri.

The Bistro Terrace

With views to the fields, you can enjoy a wonderful lunch with a glass of beer from our brewery or a fine glass of wine.

Restaurant Broløkke herregård

Broløkkes Restaurant

I hovedbygningen finder I den hyggeligste restaurant. Her kan I mærke historien og opleve herregårdens ekstravagance.