Restaurant Broløkke herregård


Delicious food in a unique manor atmosphere

Savour the local cuisine

Broløkke’s restaurant offers a taste of Langeland

The restaurant is mainly dedicated to local ingredients from Langeland, which we combine with farm-fresh ingredients from the island of Funen and the Funen and Lolland-Falster Archipelagos. We also source delicious specialties from our neighbouring Nordic countries, such as truffles from Gotland or scallops from Norway. We season these ingredients with a blend of our own kitchen garden herbs and exquisite spices from around the world.

In short, we invest great care in serving the best of local culinary quality made with dedicated craftsmanship.

A very warm welcome!

The restaurant opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday from 18:00 – 22:00
The kitchen closes at 22:00

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We offer

Broløkke offers 2 menus that run every 2 days

3-course menu: DKK 495
Wine-pairing: DKK 495

5-course menu: DKK 685
Wine-pairing: DKK 685

Click here for Broløkke’s wine list

Add-ons and side dishes:

1 glass of bubbly
DKK 125

Caviar, White Sturgeon, 30 g
DKK 450

Coffee & sweets
DKK 125

Broløkke’s kitchen accommodates all kinds of allergens and special diets. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Dedicated to local ingredients

Our inspiration is the culinary extravagance of an aristocratic manor. This is reflected in our dedicated approach to selecting prime produce when composing our menus. Our culinary philosophy is based on classic French cuisine combined with the New Nordic ethos. This entails sourcing local and seasonal ingredients and using the nature that surrounds us.

Visit Kostaldens

From Friday to Sunday, you can enjoy lunch and dinner in Kostaldens Bistro or on the terrace with scenic views.