Billede af fiskerkutter ved Langeland

Angling Trip on a Fishing Boat

Experience nature from the sea

Join us for a fishing trip

Broløkke Herregård has partnered with M/S Amigo and M/S Neptun, which are located in the harbour town of Spodsbjerg on the island of Langeland near Funen. This allows our guests to experience the Funen Archipelago up-close.

An angling trip on a fishing boat lets you enjoy fresh sea air while fishing. The most common catch is flatfish, but you can also be lucky to catch cod – so remember your fishing license!

A day at sea

During a stay at Broløkke Herregård, you will enjoy the opportunity to get a little closer to the great outdoors by joining an angling trip on a fishing boat.

That’s why you should go fishing

Whether you want to on a fishing trip alone or with a small company of friends, this can be arranged during your stay at Broløkke Herregård.

An angling trip on a fishing boat is the perfect way to enjoy nature – a unique activity that lets you spend quality time with people you care for, while also gaining greater insight into the beautiful coastline of Langeland.

The price of your angling trip on a fishing boat depending on how many you are and for how long you would like the trip to last.

You are welcome to contact us to learn more.